WMC 2010: Palenke Soultribe, Live at Bardot This Thursday

​If the term "folkloric deconstruction" leaves you scratching your head or, worse yet, picturing a foreign knock-off of late-model Woody Allen featuring loincloth and headdress, you probably haven't had the opportunity to catch LA-based electro outfit Palenke Soultribe. Comprised of producers Juan D. Borda (AKA Insectosound) and Andres Erazo (AKA Popa) and drummer/percussionist Andres Zuluaga, PST have been wowing fans on the left coast with their seamless integration of Afro-Colombian sounds and rhythms with electronica of various forms since their inception in 2005.

Five years later, what might have sounded to some like a novelty has evolved, with Palenke Soultribe's sound growing ever smoother. Featuring a broad range of influences, from breaks to progressive house, layered in perfect harmony with sounds from their motherland, like guiros and tamboras producing cumbia rhythms and more, PST's established a signature sound all their own.

Palenke Soultribe heads to Miami during WMC week for a Jack Daniel's Studio No. 7, giving peeps in the 305 a chance to see them live at Bardot on Thursday night. There's no cover, but those interested would do well to RSVP via email to studio7@shockoff.com to get on the guest list.

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