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WMC Preview: A New Club Called Chicago (Really) Opens Tonight With Free Booze, Hot Dogs

Close watchers of the local electro scene may remember producer/DJ Jason Tyler's splashdown here from Chicago a couple years ago. (Read a past New Times article on him here). While last year he went back to the Windy City for a while to work on some new music, he's returned, and as a partner in a new lower - Washington - Avenue club called ... well, Chicago.

No, the club won't be plagued by frigid blasts of air. Rather, think of the good things about the actual town of Chicago -- friendly people, relatively cheap drinks, a seriousness about dance music (and dancing), and hot dogs. For real. Well drinks here will only cost you $5, and you get all the Chicago-style hot dogs you can eat (although, perhaps, there may be ketchup available). If you're broke, you'll be wise and stop by here every day -- there's an open bar from 10 to 11 all through conference.

The club reaches across two floors, indoors and out (it was Club Zoe for a hot second, and aging ravers might remember it wayyyy back as the site of the old Mission, home of those infamous Beatcamp drum'n'bass parties). Only the top floor will be open, starting tonight for the annual Spider Pussy WMC throwdown. After the jump comes all the info on the club's WMC lineup.

Chicago is located at 637 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

Wednesday, March 25
Spider Pussy
Frankie Chan, Toxic Avenger, Hot Pink Delorean, Johnny Strokes, DJ Al B Rotten, and Special Guests

Thursday, March 26

Downstairs - Speaker Record Release
DJ Keoki, Vicious Vic, Decoding Jesus, Chaos

Upstairs - Synth City
Public, Angel Alanis, Alex Zelenka and Meliss FX, Ray Nicholes, DJ Vertigo, Kompute DJs, Tagset

Friday, March 27
Downstairs - XOXO
Jason Tyler, Future Cop, Hollywood Holt, Oh Snap!, E6, Udachi, Dustin Edward
Upstairs - Heater
Esoteric, Pusher FM, the Commissioner, Sean Weeks

Saturday, March 28
Downstairs - Official So Sweet Records WMC Showcase
Le Castle Vania, Computer Club, Eli Smith, Jesse Jamz, and Special Guests
Upstairs - DJ Jessica Who

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