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WMC Preview: Q&A with Carles of HipsterRunoff.com

Carles, is that you?
When we heard that the "blog worth blogging about" Hipster Runoff was hosting a party during Winter Music Conference, we admittedly thought WTF. Not because it's a bad thing, but because this means we might be able to meet the man (or woman, we aren't sure) behind the site. He goes by the name Carles (or CRLS, because vowels aren't alt), but we don't know much more about him except for what our sister paper, the Village Voice, was about to get out of him when it interviewed him last month.

Still, we decided to ask Carles if he would talk to us a little more about his Conference party, A Party Worth Blogging About (natch), which he'll be hosting with DJ Skeet Skeet and Gansevoort South Hotel's rooftop pool Wednesday, March 25, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. We talked to Carles about iPod DJs, the search for the perfect alt breasts and life in a post-Sparks world:

New Times: So is this the first party you've ever hosted? Why did you think this party deserved to be hosted by HRO?

Carles: Yes. This is the first party ever 'hosted' by HIPSTER RUNOFF. DJ Skeet Skeet (EatSkeet.com) had a vision for the party that seemed pretty reasonable. Just a 'chill time' with a group of electro bros at a relevant music conference. I have been told that it is important for your website to 'host events in real life' so that people can 'associate your brand with something more than a website.' I guess it is a beta test party.  Just trying to stay authentic, but still 'go mainstream'/sell out/'generate revenue.'

NT: Is this your first time at Winter Music Conference? Have you been to Miami before?

C: I've never been to Miami, but I have watched the Miami Heat, the Miami Dolphins, and the Florida Marlins on television. I have also seen the movie The Birdcage starring Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman, and Ally McBeal. I am not sure what to expect at Winter Music Conference. For some reason, I imagine a bunch of people who are into the guido + European kind of techno, moreso than the internet culture who 'started to love remixes in 2k7.'


NT: Why is the party "A Party Worth Blogging About? What's so bloggable about it?

C: When Trevor (DJ Skeet Skeet) pitched 'A Party Worth Blogging About' to me, he said he just wanted it to be a 'chill time' and 'not be a big deal.' I think it is easier than ever to throw a party these days since there are so many sponsors willing to 'give money to an alternative cause.' Hopefully I can throw more parties before this bubble bursts. I have read that the economy is not in good shape, but I think that means people are more eager for events with free music and alcohol. I think most parties at WMC are pretty bloggable because from what I can tell, 'girls get naked.' However, I think that if you take pride in your life, every day is bloggable.  

NT: What do you think Winter Music Conference means for electro music?

C: I think WMC is a source for authentic electro music. Sort of like the DJs who 'actually make money' from their craft. I am interested in seeing what it is all about. I will have to visit the WMC website to see if there are any panels about making music in Garage Band, or creating 'the perfect filter' in Ableton.

NT: Who's winning the electro wars these days?

C: No one is winning the electro war. Countries are no longer divided. The global electro economy realizes that it must band together in order to stay relevant, even if artists like Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear are getting more 'buzz' this year.

NT: Who do you think is the most alt DJ/random electro band performing at the party?

C: I really couldn't put a face behind a lot of the acts at the party. When you are an electro artist who exists mainly on blogs on the internet, it's hard for some one who doesn't live in Los Angeles to really 'get' your brand from a 360 degree perspective. I usually see these names on flyers and on MP3 track titles. The party lasts from 11 am - 6 pm, so I hope that every one gets a chance to display their unique personal brands.

NT: How many of them do you think will just play straight from their iPods? Will you be okay with that if they do?

C: I think the majority of the DJs will do as little as possible during their sets. I think that's how DJs work in the post-Macbook world. I am not sure if most DJs are disciplined enough to 'give it their all' at every event. I don't think it would be acceptable for them to 'half ass' their sets. If I had my way, laptops wouldn't even be allowed at this party. If I had my way, computers wouldn't have sound, and mp3s would not exist.

NT: Since it's a pool party, will you still be searching for the perfect alt breasts?

C: I think all men are always searching for 'a great set of breasts.' Whether you are mainstream or alternative, you just want a beautiful pair of breasts to have in your face and/or feed your child.  

NT: We are dying to meet you in person. Will we be able to tell who you are at the party?

C: I will be wearing a shirt that says "I AM CARLES." I intend to eventually sell several hundred limited edition shirts for at least $40 each. This is sort of like a ripoff of Nike's "I Am Tiger Woods" campaign, but I don't think alternative people followed sports. I still have to decide on what colour I want it to be since American Apparel has so many beautiful, progressive colours available from their online store.

NT: What's your secret to surviving Conference in a post-Sparks world?

C: SPARKS came into my life because it was free at some alternative event a few years ago. I am willing to create new memories by consuming a new alcoholic beverage that is provided for free. I am just looking to associate positive memories with an alcoholic beverage, kind of like a beer commercial.

EatSkeet.com and HipsterRunoff.com present A Party Worth Blogging About with Felix Cartal, Acid Girls, L.A. Riots, Them Jeans, Le Castlevania and more at Gansevoort South Hotel rooftop pool, Wednesday, March 28. From 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., 21+, free with RSVP to eatskeet.com.

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