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Word Perfect

In a genre in which artists are shot and killed because some take themselves too seriously, self-deprecation by independent thinkers is a welcome sound. Word Perfect, a duo made up of Florida MCs Dirty Dem (Fort Lauderdale) and Wiseguy (Orlando), would probably be more appropriately identified by a Chicago or Detroit Zip Code. The theme of A Major Motion Mixtape is a trip to the movies, and it uses sound bites from modern movie classics to introduce smart, witty rhymes that make fun of the duo's affinity for porn, offer their take on social issues, and poke fun at those who are allegedly guilty of selling out hip-hop. The DJ-style beat of "Raw" creates a feeling of grimy, old-school street-hop. It starts with a word of advice from Fight Club's Tyler Durden but soon kicks into hard-lined rhymes about beating down opponents (lyrically and physically). "Pass the Mic" is a tight-versed head-bobber with a catchy-ass hook. Dem and Wise take on world politics in "Syriana," which features audio clips from the film of the same name. In it, the guys stick to their guns as not one line sways from criticizing U.S. involvement in the Middle East. And that's just the music. Their skits range from dark comedy to slapstick — and are mostly funny as hell (especially the one featuring Chris Titone as an aspiring rapper who takes the idea of changing his image to a whole new level). The software changed how people thought about word processing; now the group might just do the same for Florida hip-hop.

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Bryan Falla