World Record Winner for Most Signatures Tattooed on a Back Shows Us His Penis, Maybe (VIDEO)

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. It's something that'll stick with you forever, much like the tattoo that graces her asshole. 

But this spectacle of both sadness and adventure wasn't the only thing we enjoyed ogling at the South Florida Tattoo Expo. Moments after we first glimpsed the tatted butt, we met Funky Matas. He claims to have the world record for most signatures tattooed on a back. And the motherfucker ain't kidding. He has what looks like hundreds on there, everyone from Flea to Rob Schneider. There are so many that one of the organizers walked up and pointed out her own name marked on his flesh. 

Funky also told us about how he gave himself a dick tattoo (for real) and explains the logistics of that. Perhaps I even got a peek of it myself. Watch after the jump. 

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