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Xperimento Premiers the Video For "Candela" Tonight at King Is Dead

​Tonight, why not come be a part of a little history in the making within your local music scene? Having a party tonight at King Is Dead to celebrate a milestone for this upstart band, to which you're all invited--Xperimento. In case you've somehow managed to miss this group gigging relentlessly around town at places like Jazid, Bougie's and other favorite watering holes, this is your chance to find out what the buzz is about.

Truth is, Xperimento's not really as new to the scene as some might think. It began as a side-project by some of the members, a collective wherein they could live up to the band's name and experiment with sounds, if you will. But the band took root, the collective solidified and a few members from LPJ migrated toward the nucleus while others stepped away, resulting in the fixed lineup you see today. And where a slapdash jam band made up of whoever had the night off once stood, a cohesive front remains. A lively and energetic fusion of Latin and island sounds, mixing influences from the members' diverse origins--like Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Peru--Xperimento offers a brand new synthesis to make the masses shake their asses.

With their first disc set to drop in June, Tumbao, Chamo, CheFunk, Lasex, Marcos, Peru and Alanbrex thought it was time they shoot a music video. And so they did, for infectious jammy jam "Algo Especial (Candela)." And to that end, they enlisted the talents of a young filmmaker from Weston by the name of John Craven, who's already hard at work on a few more music vids. What to expect from this one? Public disturbance by a rebel group, a pubescent grassroots movement in hot pursuit, a '74 Caddy tearing up the town, and a killer house party, of course. Then again, for some of you, that might just be a Thursday night.

"Making the video was incredibly fun and challenging," says Craven. "At one point we must have had 20 extras at the house party and 10 or 15 we had to move around and direct running through downtown in the middle the of day. The crew was me and another dude. This is guerilla filmmaking to the fullest!"

And you can check out the video for yourself tonight, at the premier party tonight at King Is Dead.

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Christopher Lopez