Xperimento Shoots a Music Video in Miami Beach

​Do you long to be a video ho or homie, shakin' booty and droppin' it like it's hot, or lounging around in a six-fo' with your boys whilst sippin' 40s? Well, it's doubtful any of that will be going on at Xperimento's video shoot this Friday evening. But you can finally fulfill your dream to end up on a video that doesn't involve night-vision and years of self-loathing and regret.

In case you're not yet familiar, you'll likely recognize these faces from one of your favorite Miami bands, locally-groomed for Grammy recognition. Locos Por Juana, of course. Branching off in a similar vein, but living up to their name, Xperimento plays with the boundaries of reggae, funk and Latin sounds, blurring the lines and creating irrepressible grooves.

The vid will feature a keg party scene and they're inviting extras to comprise the red SOLO cup toting masses. It goes down in Miami Beach. Invite came via Facebook, so if you hit them up before they're full, you may still be able to get in on that action. 

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