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Yoko Ono on John Lennon: "We Understood Each Other"

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Does working with him remind you of working with John?

Not really. But Sean is a really interesting person too. In a different way. But Sean is my son, you know. But surprise, surprise. I didn't think that we were going to have a son that was creative like Sean, but Sean is very creative.

You've kept such an upbeat, positive attitude in such a dreary world...

John was an extrovert, you know, and I was an introvert. So that was a good combo, I think. And John being an extrovert, he was always very up, very excited, and interested. John was very positive. I would just get depressed or something sometimes, not really a sick depressed. Just once in a while, I'd get tired. And John would be like, "Let's go!" And I saw that happening and thought, That's what he was doing with the Beatles. That's great.

Your work since has been very upbeat. Your video for "Bad Dancer" seems carefree and fun.

Of course, I have a very positive side too. When I was with John, John brought out the positive side to pull me through. In those days, people really attacked me; they hated me. Naturally, you can't always be up on that! [laughs] Now, it's all right. People are kind to me; they understand my work. I get energy from that. John would see this happening. He was just one guy who was really into my work.

You do a lot of work against fracking. Can you tell me why this one issue resonates with you over others?

It's very bad for people's health. They want health, but they want money. If you get money but no health, then you can't spend that money; you die. I really think it's not good for children especially. We want to protect them because they can't protect themselves from it, so we have to do it. That's why I'm doing it.

What are some of your objectives?

The hope I have is that some of us in the world, the human race, will be happy together. That could happen very easily. It all has to do with what we focus on. And when we're determined about it, we'll do it.

Your Letterman performance was very powerful. I wonder if you think, in the broadest sense, whether experimental music versus pop music, which is more effective politically?

I was always doing that from the beginning, and John, of course, loved it and everything. He was like, let's do it. We [recorded] mine. And then we looked at the engineer board; the engineers all disappeared. We were like, "What happened?" "Oh, they went to the bathroom" because they couldn't stand my voice! [laughs]

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