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You're a "true" hip-hop head, right? You wake up in the morning, slip on your rap uniform, and head down to your local underground record store to re-up on the latest theme music. While sauntering through the new release section, you pick up Yukmouth's new album, Godzilla, and stare at the cover with a critical eye: pretty simple stuff, basically just Yukmouth leaning on skyscrapers as if he were... Godzilla. In your sonic rebellion against oversaturated corporate radio rap, you cast it aside and get something Anticon instead.

True hip-hop head or not, you just made a bad decision.

The first eight bars alone had me double-checking Godzilla's cover; Yukmouth starts "slappin' helicopters out the sky," my face muscles contort to a scowl, and my head starts nodding like I'm on some kind of horse tranquilizer. Was I sleeping on this cat? Skip ahead to the next few songs -- all heat.

Why do you need this? Because this isn't so underground that you need a set of encyclopedias to understand it, and furthermore, Yukmouth can actually rhyme: "My shit hotta/You fall off like Spin Doctors/The rims on the Benz spin proppa/If it's a black Madonna model chick/I been knocked her/And fuck a record deal/Once ya flop/They gon' drop ya." For those who don't know, Yukmouth is down with J Prince and Rap-a-Lot, so when he talks about rims on the Benz, believe him.

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Ismail Azeem