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Zeds Dead with Juan Basshead, Caligula, AbdeCaf, and Others - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - July 20

Photos of Zeds Dead at Revolution Live

Better Than: a night alone in your room dancing to "Bangarang."

The fact that Zeds Dead's newly released video stars Peter Greene himself, the Pulp Fiction character who the duo's name references, is reason enough to give respect to these Canadians. They admitted recently to being a little bewildered by the experience and their growing fame, telling MTV News that it's "surreal." But with popularity come perks, like people come out in droves to see your show, waving high flag of your nation.

With a solid South Floridian fan base, and a fully loaded set, Zeds Dead had an advantage last night at Revolution Live. Opening acts Moon Stars on Broadway and Abdecaf warmed the crowd up with enthusiasm and strong, eager beats. Caligula had everyone's hands in the air and managed to create a rap/dubstep mash-up that got everyone crazed with dub-induced delight. Jumanji and Juan Basshead were like the foreplay to Zeds Dead's sex. The fact that their act has an MC and opened right before Canadian duo, helped arouse the crap out of the young folks.

Zeds Dead dominated the stage with a great mix of house, electronic, and dubstep. They commanded the crowd's attention from beginning to end, remixing songs, and playing a decent amount of original material too. By the time of Zeds' encore (around three in the motherfucking morning) the audience was so spent, that most people just took it as a respectable opportunity to leave. Of course, many dedicated fans stayed dancing with their LED gloves off, until the room closed down and all the beats were silenced.

Critic's Notebook

Overheard in the crowd: "That bitch is crazy," as a young girl tried to climb over the upstairs balcony railing in Green Room (who was lent their stage to additional acts involved in the show.

Personal bias: Entertained and happy. Great vibe from the crowd as well as the artists.

The crowd: Very young, clad with sunglasses, glow sticks, and bright neon tank tops.

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