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Zeds Dead With Juan Basshead on July 20 at Revolution Live

Nearly two months removed from the infamous "Causeway Cannibal" attack that left one homeless man virtually faceless, South Florida is still struggling to shake the notion that zombies do, in fact, frequent the greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. When the Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in last month's NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena, "Zombie Supersonics" sat behind OKC's bench and taunted the team (the Seattle Supersonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder a few years ago). And the Centers for Disease Control literally had to reassure folks that zombies were indeed fictional. But how is South Florida going to convince folks that the threat of a zombie apocalypse isn't imminent when Revolution Live is hosting Zeds Dead's "Living Dead Tour"? The Toronto-based DJ duo DC and Hooks are in the middle of a whirlwind tour promoting their latest mixtape, The Living Dead. Blending elements of dubstep, hip-hop, house, and synth pop, Zeds Dead make some of the most inspiring electro music we've ever heard. And their live shows? They're about as a crazy as a zombie outbreak.

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