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Ziggy Marley on Playing Live: "It Keeps Buzzin'"

Amidst the deluge of post-everything microgenres like #CloudRap, and non-musical mediums like Tumblr and holograms rising in prominence within the industry, Ziggy Marley stays relevant by simply being Ziggy Marley.

He plays big-hearted, Island-style, trad-pop reggae in the style of his pops. He makes oil out of coconut and hemp, and then slaps a label depicting his big toothy grin on the jar. And, recently, he crashed the Grammy's to jam on a couple of his dad's classic cuts with Rihanna.

On the eve of Ziggy's upcoming stop at Revolution Live, County Grind spoke to the guitarist and vocalist via telephone to deduce what it is that makes this Marley distinct.

New Times: I read an interview in which you talked about adapting your album Wild and Free to a concert setting. Were you able to accomplish that?

Ziggy Marley: Yeah, we fleshed it out live. We got a good reception for the live versions. We feel good.

What is notable about translating a piece of music from the studio to a live setting?

It keeps buzzin'. The studio is one version, live is another version. And live it might be a different version than the show before. And that keeps my interest.

So there's an element of improvisation?

Yeah, we improvise. Improvisation makes it go full circle. Improvisaiton makes us happy.

Does that come out more when you're composing or performing?

We jam live.

You and your family have a prestigious musical legacy. What separates you from your equally talented relatives? What is distinctly Ziggy?<

I don't know. I do my music, and there is something there that is me, but I dont really know how to pinpoint it. If you listen to my album it's there.

How would you say your music differs from your brother, Damian's?

Damian is dance. Beats and stuff like that. Current. My music is a bit nostalgic. A little more laid back.

Ziggy Marley. Tuesday, February 19. Revolution Live. 200 West Broward Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale. Doors open at 8p.m. and tickets are available through Ticketmaster for $42 (including fees). Call 954-449-1025 or visit jointherevolution.net.

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