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Zitfest Expands Lineup to 17 Bands; Visuals Provided by Weird Days

The time for Zitfest, a two-day local avant music bender in mid-December, is drawing near. County Grind even bought one of those advent calendars with chocolate inside each day and ate the entire thing to nudge a few fresh blemishes out of our pores for the occasion. Organized and curated by members of area acts the Jameses and Love Handles, the music promises to be mind-expanding, revelatory, and a tad scintillating.

The initial lineup for the fest, popping off December 17 and 18 at Lake Park's Orange Door, was already staggering. And with video projections by Weird Days -- the team that created this soothing, ethereal Dolorean video, among others -- the fest has an added allure. Get the most updated lineup below.

New bands added to the mix include Nerve City, the Dewars, Snakehole, Plains, LLLR, and the Slippery Slopes.

In case the flier wasn't big enough to read the first time, the 17-band lineup is as follows (+ Slippery Slopes):

Zitfest. December 17 and 18 at the Orange Door, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. Tickets cost $6 for Friday, $8 for Saturday, and $12 for both. Advance tickets here.

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