100 Things to Do in Broward County Before You Die

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48. Enroll in Beer Academy.

For $125, the six-week course at Riverside Market will teach you everything you need to know about homebrewing. For advanced beer nerds, there's Beer Grad School.

49. Learn who Jaco Pastorius is.

Only the world's greatest bass player, ever! Other local legends: Johnny Depp grew up in Miramar, and Subway founder Fred de Luca is from here.

50. Eat fried chicken at Betty's Soul Food.

Wash it down with sweet tea.

51. Do a poker run to Key West with biker pals.

Stop your motorcycle and pick up a playing card at five checkpoints along the way. Whoever has the best hand, wins.

52. Spend an entire day playing house at IKEA.

Maybe buy a 72-piece table?

53. Down an exquisite vegan meal at Sublime.

Veggie burgers, pshaw! Ever had veggie frito misto and mushroom risotto cake, all with white-tablecloth service?

54. Eat a burger at Le Tub.

Don't be turned off by the restaurant's toilet-bowl décor; the burger here was named among the best in America by GQ's food critic and Oprah's best friend, Gayle King.

55. Walk around with the wild peacocks on Rose Drive in Fort Lauderdale.

56. Lose hours in the Stonewall National Museum and Archives.

What began as the personal collection of worldwide book collector Mark Silber has become one of the only permanent spaces in the U.S. devoted to exhibits of LGBT culture and history.

57. Stargaze at Buehler Planetarium & Observatory.

Public shows start at just $4. We recommend bringing someone to make out with. Visit iloveplanets.com.

58. Ogle the future MMA stars at American Top Team.

Adults can sign up for a one-week trial for $9.95 (includes a T-shirt).

59. Ogle the male strippers at Le Bare.

Free bottle of Champagne during your birthday week!

60. Enjoy a bottomless brunch at Tap 42.

Get wasted with Fort Lauderdale's professional millennials. Unlimited refills of mimosas or bloody marys until 3 p.m.

61. Make a boat friend and anchor at the sandbar at the mouth of the New River.

Party in the thigh-deep water in the middle of the Intracoastal Waterway.

62. Watch the Winterfest Boat Parade — from a boat.

63. Dine in the Dark.

Market 17's waiters wear night-vision goggles to bring your food in a completely blackened room, where you proceed to eat with your hands. Try not to stuff chicken in your nose.

64. Join a CSA (community-supported agriculture program).

Always buy produce from your local farmers, like the Urban Farmer in Pompano Beach. Farm-fresh eggs are a party in your mouth!

65. Subscribe to a local alternative news source.

If you really want to know what's going on around here, stick your nose in Broward Times, the Homeless Voice, the South Florida Gay News, and/or browardbulldog.org. But mostly, New Times.

66. Master stand-up paddleboarding or kitesurfing.

67. Tour Fort Lauderdale — by gondola.

Las Olas Gondola offers a luxurious homes and gardens tour, or "Lovely Romantico," which includes a message in a bottle. The gondolier provides Italian music, ice buckets, glasses, and a bottle opener. Go home and make some spicy meat-a-balls!

68. Spend Record Store Day at Radio-Active Records.

This April "holiday" begins with a line around the shop at 8 a.m. and ends 12 hours later with a huge party of local bands.

69. Get naked!

Check in at the Rooftop Resort, where it's clothing-optional. Couples day passes cost $40 on weekends. You can't unsee anything later, but that's the experience!

70. Camp out at Markham Park.

71. Switch the dial to pirate radio.

Of the 50-ish pirate radio stations the FCC filed claim against in the past two years, more than 30 were located in South Florida. A slow turn of your FM dial will usually result in a handful of law-breaking — and mind-expanding — broadcasts.

72. See the spiders at Secret Woods.

South Florida's alarmingly huge banana spiders (also known as the golden silk orb-weaver) weave giant, orb-shaped webs along the nature trails.

73. Go-kart at Boomers! in Dania Beach.

74. Smoke cigars and hunt cougars at Blue Martini.

Just like Al Capone used to do!

75. Catch a Splatter-Rama double feature.

Indie movie theater Cinema Paradiso sometimes shows underground horror flicks like The Toxic Avenger and Street Trash, plus other cool flicks year-round.

76. Find love at a "nerds singles mixer."

If you're coupled up already, then just browse the wares at Tate's Comics and its upstairs Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery.

77. Cycle at the velodrome.

Velodrome racing in the 1800s was akin to NASCAR of today. Ride on the steeply banked oval track at Brian Piccolo Park — one of only three in the southeastern U.S.

78. Hang with the witches.

OK, so followers of the "Earth Religion" prefer being called "pagans" rather than "witches," but they're lots of fun, and their rituals often involve wine. See moonpathcuups.org.

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