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101 Cantina Closed, to Be Replaced by the Filling Station Gastropub

Last week, it sorta kinda maybe really looked like troubled bar 101 Cantina in Boca Raton had shut down. Days later, the signage for 101 Cantina was removed, and now a sign on the door confirms the college bar's demise.

A new eatery called the Filling Station is scheduled to open in its place -- though there could be some confusion, because there's a Filling Station and Garage Bar that is an award-winning burger dive in downtown Miami -- our sister publication Miami New Times named it one of the ten best neighborhood bars -- and it's been around since 1994.

The font on The Filling Station and Garage Bar's website is even similar to the font in the sign pictured above.

But it's a different The Filling Station that is replacing 101 Cantina, home to much college debauchery in the last year, in Boca Raton.

A message to The Filling Station and Dive Bar's owner, Adam Feigeles, went unreturned, but an employee who answered the phone at the Downtown Miami shop expressed confusion over the similar name appearing in Boca Raton.

So a reporter emailed the general manager of The Filling Station Gastropub in Boca Raton asking about the oddities in name choice and font selection.

Christa Rummel wrote back in an email, "I honestly wasn't aware of the establishment in Miami until very recently and when we purchased our name, we had the gastropub a part of our primary name so we didn't realize there was an issue. Our focus is the gastropub concept primarily and forefront. It has been a concept I have always wanted to do.

She continued, "Our fonts are not the same though I can understand how you may think that. We don't have a finalized font or logo or anything at this point and I can assure you that was not my intention. I actually have about 15 similar looking fonts that I have been trying out to see which one I love the most. We are still building and there are still a lot of details that need to be finalized. There is still some extensive amount of work to do as I am sure you can imagine. We have no intention of copying or offending the already existing Filling Station in Miami and we are looking forward to bring Boca Raton a fun and exciting new restaurant serving great service, delicious food, and amazing cocktails."

Rummel also added, "We are hoping to give a large variety of food choices pricing from $5 - $25. Our food is all about big flavor and our focus is to bring as much local and sustainable product to the table we can. We are also making everything home-made to ensure quality and we are even using some family recipes. I would like to say we have a set date for the grand opening but nothing is set in stone."

Mitchell Kaminsky -- who owns the space in Royal Palm Plaza -- filed a new entity with the State of Florida for THE FILLING STATION GASTROPUB LLC.

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