13-Year-Old Girl Who Told the Cops She Kicked and Escaped an Attempted Rapist Made It Up

A 13-year-old girl who sounded like a total badass last week because she kicked off an attempted rapist now tells the cops she made it up, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

The cops say investigators had no reason to doubt her story after she told them, but investigators eventually found some gaps in her story that didn't add up.

Detectives from the Sheriff's Office met with the girl today to clarify the holes in her story, and she confessed that she made it up.

She had initially claimed someone tried to rape her as she made her way home from a convenience store on June 14 after buying some candy.

The girl told the cops she had kicked the (imaginary) rapist and freed herself before he could remove her pants.

She described the man as being five-foot-11 with a stocky build, wearing all-black clothing and a black ski mask, and probably lived in Narnia.

The Sheriff's Office isn't planning to file charges against the girl for her fabrication.

"Though the girl could face a slew of charges for making a false report and wasting the time and resources of Broward Sheriff's Office investigators, detectives have decided not to file charges against [the girl]," writes the BSO's Keyla Concepción. "The girl is facing personal hardship and emotional problems that will not be resolved with jail time."

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