18 Reasons Why Rooting for the Pacers Over the Heat Is Dumb

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What Buzzfeed Says: Because of Paul George who has an average of 21.7 points and 6.8 rebounds per game.

What Pulp Says: Indeed. Root for a guy who is basically the 11th or 15th best player in the league. George didn't even break the top ten in scoring this year and ranked 18th in rebounds. A VOTE FOR THE PACERS IS A VOTE FOR MEDIOCRITY!

What Buzzfeed Says: And because of David West making Chris Bosh look like this.

What Pulp Says: Oh.

(By the way... that was a three-pointer Bosh shot. Over West. He nailed it. Boom.

What Buzzfeed Says: Because of Miami flops

What Pulp Says: LOLOLO OK!

And of course...

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