18 Reasons Why Rooting for the Pacers Over the Heat Is Dumb

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What Buzzfeed Says: Because of George Hill, hometown hero born and bred in Indiana.

What Pulp Says: Yeah, we got one of them hometown heroes too.

What Buzzfeed Says: Because of Lance Stephenson and his gallop down the court.

What Pulp Says: Did you know Lance Stephenson once threw his pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs?

He was also once arrested for groping a woman's breasts and buttocks and was faced with a Class B misdemeanor sexual assault charge.

But, yeah.

Totally likable and cheer-worthy, that guy.

What Buzzfeed Says: And Lance Stephenson's choke gesture toward Lebron.

What Pulp Says: Well, at least a choke sign is actually not as bad as throwing your pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs.

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