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1972 Dolphins To Be Honored at White House

It took over 40 years, but the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only NFL team to complete a perfect season (SUCK it, Patriots!), will finally get to do that thing that championship teams do -- visit the President at the White House and give him a silly jersey.

The reason the '72 Fins didn't get their White House due back in the day? Richard Nixon was in middle of the Watergate scandal. But now, 41 years after dominating the NFL and making history, the team got the call from Obama.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is reportedly paying all expenses for the trip, while every player is expected to show for the ceremony.

From ESPN:

"I'm honored that the accomplishments of the 1972 Dolphins are going to be recognized by the president with a ceremony at the White House," Shula said in a statement. "It is a very special occasion, and I know it's something that all of us will enjoy and remember."

Our hope is that these old curmudgeons show up and pose with a giant middle finger pointed at all those whiney jerks that bitch every year about these guys popping champagne every season after the last undefeated NFL team loses.

Ross released a statement on the honor:

"By going undefeated all year en route to a Super Bowl championship, the '72 Dolphins reached the pinnacle of sports achievement and set a standard for excellence that has yet to be duplicated. In addition, coach Shula and his players were just as successful off the field in their charitable and civic activities, becoming role models for the South Florida community.

"The players and coaches are most deserving of this unique honor, and they are looking forward to their trip to the White House and their ceremony with the president."

The ceremony is scheduled for next Tuesday.

So the great news here is that arguably the greatest team in NFL history will finally get the presidential honor they deserve.

The not so great news is that we might have to wait another 41 years to see this again with this team.

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