All the Things Miami Dolphins Fans Can Root for in the NFL Playoffs

There's still lots to root for now that the Dolphins are done.
There are still plenty of things to root for now that the Dolphins are done.
There are still plenty of things to root for now that the Dolphins are done. Photo by George Martinez
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Maybe you heard — the Miami Dolphins are done playing football. That's it. That's the news. The Dolphins' unexpected 27-24 win over the New England Patriots last weekend marked the finale of Miami's 2019 season, an ending that could not have been more different from the beginning, which included a 43-0 loss to the Patriots in Week 2.

One of the weirdest Dolphins seasons ever began with half the fan base rooting for losses so the team could secure Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and ended with five seemingly unhelpful victories and Tagovailoa's catastrophic hip injury usually seen only in car crashes and skydiving accidents.

Now, there's no sure thing for the quarterback prospect and definitely no playoffs for the Dolphins, but that doesn't mean fans can't continue watching football this weekend. There are still plenty of things to root for now that the Fins are done. From pettiness to jealousy to additional asset-watching, there is something for everyone.
Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans: Sorry, but you're a Buffalo Bills fan now. Normally, rooting for the Buffalo Bills is not something Dolphins fans would be willing to do. But come this Saturday, that's exactly what they'll need to do. It's about the future. It's worth it. Just suck it up.

The Dolphins own the Texans' first-round pick in this year's draft thanks to the trade that sent Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills to Houston. The Texans' selection is the only pick that remains in doubt. If a few things fall the Dolphins' way, the pick can be as high as 21. If Houston goes on an improbable Super Bowl run, the pick becomes a glorified second-round selection.

Let's go, Bills? Ugh, that felt dirty.
Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots: Ryan Tannehill can end Tom Brady, just as we all predicted. Listen, we know Miami fans are conflicted when it comes to rooting for the success of the Dolphins' ex-quarterback, but this is one moment when everyone should come together, lock arms, and root for Tannehill to kick Tom Brady's ass, for the good of the NFL. This weekend is more than a game — it's a chance to end a dynasty.

Rumors have already been swirling about Brady being on the outs with the Pats. His contract is up, he's getting older, and this season wasn't his best. A first-round bouncing from the playoffs would be the perfect time for the Patriots to rip the Band-Aid off and look to the future.

Tannehill has a chance to win his first playoff game and take down the Patriots. He won't be doing so as a member of the Dolphins. This is all very weird and unexplainable. Go, Titans, though.
Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints: Everything is about draft picks now, so you're a Vikings fan too. The Dolphins own the Saints' second-round pick. If the Saints lose, Miami's pick will be marginally better. If the Saints make the Super Bowl, the Fins will get a pick away from the third round. The Vikings-Saints outcome matters to Miami this high in the draft. Having a pick ten slots higher in the second round could be the difference between scoring a player worthy of a first-round pick or having a later pick that doesn't guarantee a need will be filled.

The Vikings can make the Dolphins' moving back 14 spots in last year's draft look genius by doing Miami a favor and beating the Saints. We're rooting for it in a game we otherwise wouldn't care about. 
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