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21 Emaciated Horses Rescued From Davie Property

Twenty-one neglected horses were rescued from a Davie home this weekend, police say.

Sixteen of the horses were taken take to Peaceful Ridge while the other four were taken to Pompano Beach.

The horses were living in deplorable conditions on a three-acre property in Southwest Ranches in Davie. A neighbor notified authorities of the animals and their condition.

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According to Peaceful Ridge Rescue President Victor Cutino, the emaciated horses were living in a foot and a half of their own urine and feces. He also said there was no food or water for the horses on the property.

On Saturday night, the Broward Sheriff's Office called Cutino and told him about the horses. Peaceful Ridge took 16 of the 21 horses, ranging in ages from 3 months to 12 years.

A horse rescue in Pompano Beach took in the other five horses.

Rescuers who took part in getting the horses to Peaceful Ridge said the rescue was a challenge.

From NBC Miami:

"I've never seen such a thing. Every time you think it can't get anymore disgusting, then you come across something else, and it's like, 'Wow,'" said volunteer Cathi Rivera.

"The horses aren't used to being handled by humans, so they're very skittish and they're afraid because some of them are hungry and skinny; some of them have bad feet," Rivera said.

Reportedly, the breeder who owned the horses couldn't keep up with the maintenance and cost to care for the animals. The horses' owner might be charged as early as Monday.

Meanwhile, the horses are expected to recover, though it'll take a few months. Still, some of the horses are in such bad condition that they may not survive.

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