24-Style Diary of a Palm Beach Sheriff's Anti-Climactic Water Rescue Mission

A few minutes past midnight today, August 19, and the crisis begins. The clock starts. An excerpt from the first bulletin by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office:

Dawn Roberts and her roommate decided to go fishing at Phil Foster Park. As soon as they arrived at the park, Dawn decided to go swimming, while her roommate was walking the fishing equipment to their fishing destination. As time passed by her roommate became concerned that Dawn did not return. The roommate contacted PBSO dispatch. Deputies arrived on scene and an extensive search began utilizing PBSO Helicopter and Coast Guard boats. The search is still currently underway.

The next sheriff's release, at 9:43 a.m. this morning:

PBSO Marine Unit is currently putting a 4 man dive team together and two 31 ft contenders in the water to search for Dawn Roberts, missing swimmer.

And then, after several tense hours, this release:

At 3:45 pm, PBSO was notified that Missing Swimmer - Dawn Roberts is alive and well. She was located at a friend's house in Cabana Colony.

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