80-Year-Old Florida Man Is Catfished by Prostitute, Gets Mugged

An 80-year-old man from Century Village in Deerfield Beach expecting to hook up with a female prostitute he met online instead was met by a man and then got robbed.

According to Boca Raton Police, the man had met a hooker named "Amy" on the internet. The two made plans to get together at the Quality Inn at 2899 N. Federal Highway on Sunday afternoon.

When the man arrived at the hotel, he saw "Amy" dressed in a leopard-print leotard. The man told police that once the two got inside "Amy's" room, something didn't feel right.

Maybe because "Amy" was actually a dude named "Frank."

The victim stepped out of the hotel room, but as surveillance video shows, once he was outside, another man came up from behind him and stole his wallet and cell phone from his back pocket, according to police.

The man then called police and waited for them in the hotel lobby.

As he was waiting, he spotted the suspect walking through the lobby and then leave the hotel.

Boca Raton Police detectives investigating the crime made contact with "Amy," according to the report, and discovered that his actual name is Frank. According to the report, Frank told officers he knows the mugger only as "Chief."

Boca Raton Police released footage of the video that shows the victim getting robbed outside of Amy/Frank's hotel room. Chief Dan Alexander shared the video on his Facebook page with a description of the crime.

"There are certainly better (and safer) ways to find companionship," Chief Alexander writes in the description of the video. "Let's be careful out there."

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