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'80s Icon Will Be Immortal As Long As the Former Greg White Is Alive

Yeah Juicians, Teen Wolf is the best thing to ever happen in American cinema. That's a given. And apparently, when Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Greg White legally changed his name to Stylez G. White as a tribute to the buddy character in the 1985 Michael J. Fox Rupert "Stiles" Stilinski vehicle

Yesterday afternoon, Jerry Levine, the actor who played the original Stiles told ESPN's First Take that he thought the name change is "the greatest thing I ever heard. It's fantastic. It's my privilege to share the title of Stiles with Mr. White."

He elaborated on his alter ego:

"Stiles can handle anything...I had to think about it for a few minutes after 20 years of what has become some sort of iconic character. When you think about it in terms of a sports analogy...when a guy's kicked a winning field goal or scored the winning shot, and the question after the game is, 'What were you thinking when you brought the ball up court?' or 'What were you thinking in that moment?' And usually the athlete is saying, 'I wasn't thinking about anything. I brought the ball down court. I threw it towards the hole. And it went in.' And I think basically, Stiles lived that everyday of his life."

More from Stiles after the jump, plus video of the best Teenwolf scenes you don't remember.

Levine, who is now a producer and director on Everybody Hates Chris, went on to say he is in talks with MGM to remake Teenwolf as either a theatrical release or a direct-to-video film. He says he'd also do a cameo!

And there'd be room for Stylez too, Levine says. And although the life-long Giants fan says he still won't support the Bucs - "I think that would be a little bit of a betrayal, but But Mr. White will be a favorite human being of mine forever. He and I are linked together."

Well, Levine is certainly more loyal than that Wolf-hungry tramp Boof.

And this is a perfect excuse to display what the movie would have been like if all the characters reacted like normal humans instead of oddly complicit 80s zombies: 

-- Michael J. Mooney
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Michael J. Mooney

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