81-Year-Old Boca Man Pulls Gun on Teen During Road Rage Incident

An 81-year-old man not only cut off an 18-year-old driver on a Boca Raton road but then proceeded to pull a gun on the kid as well.

Because, Florida.

According to Boca Police, the elderly man, Irving Feingold, pulled a .380 caliber pistol on an 18-year-old after cutting off the teen in his Cadillac and then getting into an argument with him.

The incident went down Friday afternoon on St. Andrews Boulevard and Verde Trail.

The victim told police Feingold cut him off in his gold Cadillac and when the teen confronted him, the old man went all crotchety-old Clint Eastwood and unholstered his gun he apparently had on him like an old-timey sheriff.

Feingold admitted that he indeed pulled his gun but never actually pointed it at the victim.

According to police, Feingold's version of events was that the teen and a friend followed the Cadillac after being cut off, all the way to Feingold's home.

That's where the two parties began to argue. Feingold says he feared for his life and did what Floridians are often wont to do when confronted by another angry human being: He pulled his pistol.

The victim did admit to police that he followed Feingold to argue about his cutting them off. He got out of the car and began yelling at Feingold.

But, as it were, Feingold wasn't having any of it.

While he says he never pointed the gun, Feingold was nevertheless arrested on an aggravated assault charge, according to the police report.

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