88-Year-Old "Stiffs" A Prostitute, Gets a Beatdown

This is a heartbreaking little story from the Palm Beach Post about a woman who assaulted an 88-year-old man and robbed him. Why'd she do it? Apparently, the old fella hired the lady a month ago to fellate his wrinkly old wang and neglected to pay up. So police say the lady, a Ms. Tanya Ross, broke into his house, "knocked the phone out of his hand," "grabbed him by the throat," and took his money.

I wanna feel sorry for the old dude, but I can't. In a civilized nation, he'd never have dared stiff a sex-worker, so to speak. In civilized nations,

prostitution is legal, and the authorities would treat the "victim's" lapse like shoplifting. Which it is.

But Mr. Oldwang doesn't live in a civilized nation, so he allegedly had to look to the black market for a little sucky-sucky -- apparently unaware that things get a little dangerous on the wrong side of the law. He should have known better. It's axiomatic: Steal merchandise from a legal business and you get arrested; steal from a drug dealer and you get beat, or worse. It's the same with prostitutes.

And why not? It's unrealistic to expect our sex-workers to acquiesce to their own mistreatment, just because they happen to be criminals. And if they're not going to acquiesce, what should they do? They can't call the cops. They can't bitch to a union. Their options are extremely limited, and among them is assaulting an elderly fellatiklepto. So it goes. Hopefully, Mr. Oldwang will remember to pay up next time.

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