911 Abuse in Boynton Beach Nears Emergency Status

Sometimes, after popping some Vicodin, a fellow may feel the impulse to test the reflexes of his emergency responders. Or at least that appears to be the impulse that seized Frank Celestino today.

According to a Boynton Beach police affidavit, the 55-year-old Celestino dialed 911 three times, each time screaming incoherently, then hanging up. An officer eventually confronted Celestino in a parking lot near Boynton Beach Boulevard. Asked whether there was an emergency, Celestino said, "No, not at this time."

The officer explained that 911 was not a number that should be trifled with, to which Celestino responded, "Then go ahead, arrest me." Which the officer did. A search turned up a cigar box of Vicodin.

This is the second case of 911 abuse to be reported today from Boynton Beach. Is this some kind of Tea Party stunt?

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