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911 Tape Released in Brandon Marshall Case

The Broward Sheriff's Office just released the 911 tape deputies received from the home of Miami Dolphins star receiver Brandon Marshall on Friday when he was allegedly stabbed in the gut by his wife at their home in Southwest Ranches. 

Unfortunately, it only deepens the mystery. 

Inside, hear the call, which was made from Marshall's home at 4:41 p.m. Friday.  

"Please come -- it's an emergency," says a breathless and hushed female voice. 

Presumably the voice is that of Marshall's wife, Mischi Nogami-Marshall, but that isn't confirmed. The BSO arrest report doesn't indicate that there were any other witnesses to the incident or that anyone else was in the house at the time.

"Come where?" the dispatcher asks. "Hello?" 

"Please come; it's an emergency," the woman says again before hanging up. 

When the dispatcher rang the house back after the eight-second call, the phone rang several times, and the call went unanswered.

The sheriff's office is releasing no further information. 

This case is perplexing -- the key at this point is to get an understanding of what actually happened that day, if, considering Marshall's own silence and obfuscation (a fancy word for "lies"), that will be possible. 

The team is investigating the incident, but former Dolphin Joe Rose, now a radio and TV broadcaster with Channel 6, has already decided what needs to happen. 

In a word, nothing. 

"Let me tell you how to handle it: It's too bad it happened, we need the guy in the lineup, we'll get past it, whatever the league is going to do, and then get him back in the lineup," Rose said  on Channel 6 last night. "They've given up too much for him. They need him to start and be a number-one receiver and play a lot better than he did this year, period."

Just look the other way and get him back on the football field. I don't think it's that simple, especially considering Marshall's erratic and at times violent past. Doing nothing seems like a recipe for future disaster. But I'm not saying they should release Marshall either (though his contract shows that the team could cut him now after paying only $12.5 million on his five-year, $50 million contract). 

We need the full story before anything is done -- or isn't done.

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