A Bloggy Summer

It's finally gotten to the point that the comments on this thing are often better than the posts themselves. The ones still coming in on the Palm Beach Post layoffs post are getting better and better (ever since the boorish Drudgians locusted themselves off to another foraging spot). And the comment/psychoanalysis on John DeGroot from the alleged therapist is classic. A narcissistic and dysfunctional journalist? Preposterous. I had to pop in my Blues Brother DVD after reading it.

The comments are basically keeping this baby alive while I'm off doing other things. It's the summer doldrums, people. We all get them, especially in Florida. Michael Mayo wrote about them on his blog before he knocked off on vacation. Hell, one pioneering local blogger went a step further than just letting his venue go idle -- he killed it. Alesh over at Critical Miami hung up his keyboard last week, declaring "I'm just over it."

Critical Miami, mind you, was one of the more trafficked independent blogs in South Florida. The art-loving, design-minded Alesh built a pretty solid readership, but there's no doubt this blogging thing can get a little stale. You can't force things and you have to reinvent the thing a bit to keep it interesting. It's easier for me than for most -- the newspaper business in South Florida is never dull for very long. The Cuban controversies at the Miami Herald, the DeFede firing, Buddy Nevins, the Help Team, layoffs ... it never stops. Just slows down on certain long and hot summer days.

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