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A BSO Beatdown

Amidst news of a steroid scandal at the Broward Sheriff's Office, JAABlog reports a case of a deputy beatdown on a small (5'-6'', 155 pound) 57-year-old transient named Felipe Alvarez.

The deputy found Alvarez sleeping under a tree not far from a Publix shopping cart. Alvarez didn't want anything to do with the deputy and the deputy began manhandling him. The deputy claims Alvarez pushed him away with his palm at which point the deputy writes:

I then wrapped my arm around [his] neck and threw him onto the sidewalk...(he) attempted to get back to his feet, at which time I pushed his head into the ground...(he) again attempted to get up and grabbed onto the right side of my body, near my firearm.  I then punched (him) twice in the face.  

What the hell? Over a shopping cart? There's no evidence whatsoever that steroids were involved, but can you imagine what a dose of anabolics on top of that aggression would have wrought?

Now get this: The State Attorney's Office files felony battery charges against Alvarez and the guy sits in the Broward County Jail for six months. You following? The guy was sleeping under a tree, gets his ass kicked all over creation by a deputy, and then gets loses his freedom for six months. During that time he goes to trial and has a hung jury. Back to jail. Kafka couldn't have dreamed it up any better. 

Anyway, Judge Stanton Kaplan looks at the case, calls it "crap," summons SAO felony chief Jeff Marcus to the courtroom, and lets the guy go with time served.

Thank you Judge Kaplan. As for BSO and SAO, you should choke on your shame.

Now watch how BSO let the sixteen steroids deputies (one of them is civilian) off because they have "valid" (wink-wink) prescriptions from doctors to take the juice. Justice in Broward County -- you gotta love it.  

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