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A Cautionary Tale for Locals Tempted to Loan Their Condos for a "Modeling" Shoot

Those "models" might turn out to be porn stars, as they were in the sad...OK... hilarious case of Raul Quintana, the poor bloke who was kicked out of Fisher Island after he rented an empty condo to what he thought was a fashion shoot. Turns out it was Bang Bros., notorious South Florida porn kingpins, as Gus Garcia-Roberts explains in this week's Miami New Times.

Bang Bros tend to venture north into Broward County, where there's oodles of empty condos and no shortage of people who will rent them by the hour, no questions asked.

Gus, assiduous researcher that he is, ponied up the $1 it cost to watch the full video shot on Fisher Island. I'll let him describe after the jump.

"The film is no innovation in cinema," he begins...

In it, Tony, a ratty-looking dude with a thin beard and designer shades, commandeers a golf cart -- clearly displaying Quintana's apartment number -- to rendezvous with Devon on a Fisher Island golf green. After the dirty-blond porn starlet does some butt-focused putting, the lovers drive to Quintana's condo on a golf cart with a pudgy, bearded dolly grip riding on the rear.

Once in the apartment, they head to the balcony, where, in broad daylight and full view of any neighbor who might glance out a window, Tony applies baby oil to Devon's buttocks for five minutes. They then go inside and run through the usual battery of positions, with only a thin white towel separating their carnal intermingling from Quintana's brown suede couch and matching chaise lounge. Other scenes involve possible staining of one of the homeowner's throw pillows and his carpet. The 40-minute film is viewable for a buck at Bangbros.com, where online connoisseurs gave it a rating of 8.1 out of a possible 10.

Probably a low score due to the woefully unimaginative title: "Sexy Golfing Experience." Come on! Was "Holin' One" taken?

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