A Coral Ridge Ministries Sermon That's Actually Pretty... Right?

It's been a while since we checked in with the Youtubin' mega-Christians at Coral Ridge Ministries. For once, I find myself agreeing (mostly) with their take on the cartoon controversy last month on Comedy Central.

Of course, that controversy involved a South Park episode that satirized the world's religions -- including Islam. Or at least the original cut included Islam, along with an animated likeness of the prophet Muhammad. By the time it aired, the comedy network had edited out the portion that depicted Muhammad.

I don't think the network's decision was a reaction to predictable internet posts that called for the killing of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, as Coral Ridge Ministries' John Rabe seems to think. Rather, it seemed to me the network just had a general fear of offending Muslim viewers.

But Rabe is right that Comedy Central acted with cowardice. And he's right to highlight abominable behavior by religious extremists.

However, there's fault to be found in his motive. Clearly Rabe is using this episode as an opportunity to display Christianity's superiority over Islam.

In the game of "My religion's better than yours" there are no winners. It sure hasn't done much good in the Middle East.


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