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A Fat Guy and Two Skinny Guys Walk Into A Radio Shack ... And Allegedly Rob It

According to BSO officials, a fat guy and his two skinny buddies walked into the Radio Shack located at 167 S. Pompano Parkway in Pompano Beach last Thursday at 11 a.m. and robbed the joint. The whole thing was caught on camera.

Surveillance cameras caught their white Enterprise Rent-A-Car van pulling into a parking spot behind the store. The first guy -- we'll call him a portly gent -- with dreadlocks wearing a red T-shirt, walked into the store doing the old, "Nothing to see here, I'm just talking on my cell phone" routine. 

Then he waddled over to the counter, appearing ready to buy something. But instead of his wallet, the man showed the store clerk his gun, and ordered her into the stockroom.

Once inside the stock room, more surveillance cameras caught the big man telling the store clerk to open the back door for his two accomplices to come in and take some merchandise. She did so, and in walked it two skinny guys. 

At one point, the fat dude suddenly realized that a store chain that carries thousands of dollars in merchandise does, in fact, have cameras everywhere, and tried to hide his face behind his dreads -- ten minutes after already walking into the store. 

The fat dude is said to be a black male, of average height with medium-length dreads, weighing approximately 240 pounds, but they say cameras add ten pounds, so keep that in mind. Also, there's no way this dude is just 240 pounds. He was wearing a red shirt and back pants. 

His buddies in the alleged robbery are two skinny black males, making this the most slapstick criminal team ever. One  wore a red shirt and red baseball cap and the other had short hair and wore a black shirt and black pants. Both kept hiding their faces from the cameras. 

Anyone with information about this robbery or the identity of the suspects is asked to contact BSO Robbery Detective Steven Hoover at 954-321-4270

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