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A Four Seasons Hotel in Hollywood, Florida?!? That Must Be a Typo

This comes from an unimpeachable source: New Jersey's Star Ledger, which not only reports the existence of this luxury hotel but says that it's festooned with a sculpture by famous artist Jon Krawcyzk, who's just revealed his latest work, a towering hockey player. (Remember, this is Jersey.) From the article.

The tall hockey player that some call "The Iron Man" is just the latest creation by the 39-year-old Krawczyk, whose handiwork has showed up at Texas A&M's art building and the Four Seasons Hotel in Hollywood, Fla.
There you have it, folks. Maybe former Mayor Mara Giulianti was right in saying that her fair city could showcase vibrant works of art and become a destination playground for the world's rich.

Strange, though, that Krawcyzk isn't inclined to mention his Four Seasons Hollywood sculpture among the list of his other works. Must be one of those modest types. Now wait a second --  the Four Seasons website doesn't list its hotel in Hollywood.

A typo, then. Hollywood's hopes for beachside luxury crushed again. But then, who needs Four Seasons when you've got a hippo waterslide?

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