Before the fall: Keechl with Gloria Stein.
Before the fall: Keechl with Gloria Stein.

A Ken Keechl Comeback Attempt? Also: The Infamous Otter Attack

After weeks of silence, ousted Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl has finally given an interview.

To the Miami Herald?


The Sun-Sentinel?


The Daily Pulp?

Hell no.

He gave it to the tiny gay Wilton Manors publication Florida Agenda.

Remember, this is a guy who used to charge big money to have his picture taken with you (for his Mayor's Gala). Quite a tumble. But politics is all about the comeback -- and Keechl all but said he's gonna try to make one. 

After the jump, see what he said. 

OK, you're here; what do you think he said?

A bunch of platitudes and a vague threat that he was going to run for office again soon.

"People are already approaching me for various seats in 2012," Keechl said in the article.

Sent in by a reader: The Keechl-Kraft thing

​Dog catcher, perhaps? Whatever the office

, we may just have Ken Keechl to kick around some more after all. I suspected his incredibly disappointing loss to Chip LaMarca was going to end his political career, but he says otherwise. "Public service is in my blood," he told the Agenda.

He tries to keep alive the myth that he lost just because there was a D next to his name -- even though it's already been established that Alex Sink and Ron Klein, Democrats both, well outperformed in his district. Sink carried the district, and Klein very likely would have won as well.

"The untold story is how close I came to winning," Keechl said. "It didn't take a genius to see that the Democrats were going to do poorly. It was a terrible year to be a Democrat."

No mention of his campaign scandal -- in which he clearly took money from his coffers in the form of bloated rent money on a bungalow Keechl owns with partner Ted Adcock. Not a word about his negative campaign in which he put his opponent in a prison jumpsuit. And nothing on the doggy-death-penalty ordinance or his flip-flops on the new courthouse or outside employment.

Just platitutudes.

"I am proud of the contribution I made, and I know I still have a lot more to contribute," said Keechl. "I have enjoyed the last four years and would do it all over again."

So would we, Ken. So would we.

-- Have you seen the otter attack video from West Boca? It's gone viral. From Channel 7:



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