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A Lost Weekend

Damon Higgins

Work, on this thing or otherwise, isn't coming easy right now, as my home life is being disrupted by a man who has unfortunately lost his mind. I'm not going to go into the details, but my weekend involved a trespass notice, a restraining order, and two police officers with guns drawn taking the fellow in question down in my front yard. He's still out there, though, since police determined they couldn't Baker Act the guy and the restraining order (which involved a third party, not myself) hadn't been issued yet. And he's intimating on the phone he's coming over here for a showdown. I might fill you in on the details a little later. I covered crime for five solid years and have done a fair number of stories about women murdered by boyfriends or husbands despite trying to get every bit of conceivable help from the system they could, but this bad weekend still taught me a couple things I didn't know.

It's a little reminiscent of this story by Andrew Marra published yesterday in the Palm Beach Post (was it just yesterday?). Marra may have gone a little too easy on the former sheriff's captain, David Carhart, but it was filled with

good reporting. The photo of Carhart, by Damon Higgins, is beautiful. I reproduced it above. You can see the man's demon's on his face, his suspicion, anger, a hint of desperation, the would-be animal cunning, the drive to get even. It's all there on his face.

(I'm still going to have time to criticize the Help Team scheme a little later, though, so stay tuned).

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