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A New O'Neal?

I Love This Picture

Pompano preacher O'Neal Dozier basically destroyed his political standing in the State of Florida when he recently complained that Islam was an evil cult intent on cutting off all our heads. In response, Jeb Bush cut him off and Charlie Crist dumped him from his campaign. Now, reports Elgin Jones at Broward Times, Dozier seems to be striking a new tune. Why, he's even (gulp), sticking his neck out -- or, I mean, reaching his hands out -- to the Muslim community. He put out a statement today reading:

"After much soul searching and deliberation concerning my previous statements about radical Islam being a dangerous and evil cult. I want to

applaud and thank those peace-loving Muslims who share our American values of freedom, tolerance, and human rights. ... It was never my intention to include them (peace loving Muslims) as being a part of the problem regarding radical Islam. Without question, the problem of global terrorism is not coming from peace-loving Muslims, but from radical Islamic extremists who have taken some of the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith literally, in order to advance their political agenda through violence and terror."

And there's more to come: Dozier's having a press conference tomorrow morning to explain his born-again ideas about Islam.

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