A Pre-Emptive Political Obituary For The Young Man Who Wants Allen West's Seat

What you've just seen is an advertisement from a Democrat named Patrick Murphy, a 28-year-old small businessman and CPA who's running to represent Florida's 22nd district in 2012. Of course, we've already got somebody occupying that seat: Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West. Rep. West is arguably the fastest-rising star in the GOP pantheon. He's been in office two months, and he's already

leading in polls

to be the GOP Vice Presidential candidate in 2012. He's smart, handsome, and probably incorruptable. He says what he means, means what he says, and chases his goals with a ferocity and single-mindedness that'd make a piranha blush. You think you hate spending? Allen West hates it more -- he'll

shut down the government

single-handedly before acquiescing to another continuing budget resolution. Think you hate liberals? Not like Allen West hates liberals -- he thinks they're downright treasonous. Think you despise Muslims? Sorry -- ain't nobody despises Muslims like Allen West. He even tortured one!

Unfortunately for Patrick Murphy, he doesn't look like he's ever tortured anybody. What's worse, in the above clip he fritters away valuable camera time not demonizing his opponents. WTF? The video lasts 40 seconds, and he doesn't even call anyone "un-American" or claim that someone's values are "anathema to America." It's painfully obvious that Patrick Murphy is wholly incapable of leading a district like 22, in which hardworking Americans know, just know what America's all about, and who does or does not belong in it. Murphy's kind of namby-pamby tolerance will never wash with them. This young man is probably doomed.

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