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A Sneak Peek at the Candidates for Broward Health Board

The list of candidates for the Broward Health board is full of attorneys, contractors, politicians and health-care business owners. They are vying for at least one open seat -- the one formerly belonging to Maureen Jaeger, who left this fall to join George Lemieux's U.S. Senate staff. Commissioner Rebecca Stoll's seat may also be open, considering she hasn't attended a board meeting since July.

Of course, Crist's appointments for the hospital board have been riddled by scandal. Commissioner Joseph Cobo is currently under criminal investigation for ethics violations. Commissioner Mike Fernandez may have broken ethical standards by not disclosing a conflict of interest of his own.

So as we look through the list that Crist has, let's be on the lookout for potential conflicts of interest, if only because Crist's office tends to have a blind spot for this.

I did very quick background research on the applicants, though I couldn't immediately track down biographical information on them all. Let me know if the links are outdated and I'll update.

Commissioners Robert Bernstein and Dan Gordon have both applied to have their four-year terms renewed. Last week, I floated the rumor that Crist had already chosen two new commissioners to fill Stoll and Jaeger's places on the board.

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