A Touch of the News

-- Nice job by the Herald's Cammy Clark on the diver in the Keys who was killed by a Grouper he'd just illegally speared. Both of them died together, actually, which is sort of beautiful in a macabre way.

-- Great work by Sun-Sentinel free-lancer Dale Koppel, who exposes the subversive antics of homosexuals in the Lifestyle section today. That's right -- they're bringing up

property values again. When are we going to start listening to Republicans and realize what a scourge these people are? I mean, they're not only ripping up the foundation of society, but also old terrazzo and linoleum floors everywhere!

-- The Miami Herald's Wanda DeMarzo does a better job on the appointment of corruption (non)prosecutor John Hanlon to the BSO internal affairs section. Of course it wasn't hard to improve on the Sun-Sentinel's attempt to report the story. The thing is that, even if you forget the fact that Hanlon was an utter failure as an investigator and prosecutor at the State Attorney's Office, or that he was part of the investigation that cleared Jenne in the Powertrac scandal, why aren't people more pissed that Ken Jenne is giving the man a $100,000 bump in pay to a 68-year-old do-nothing? It makes no sense but to buy Jenne's undying loyalty inside the department. DeMarzo didn't even mention it. That's our money Sheriff Napoleon is throwing away.

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