A Very Aww-ful New York Times Valentine's Day

If the New York Times was the sole authority on Valentine's Day, it would indeed be a very odd and unromantic day. There's the postponed marriage due to a groom slapped with charges of insider trading. But who can blame them, "They want their wedding day to be one of the happiest days of their lives," according to their lawyer in the Times.

There's the celebrity crushes feature, with celebrities so fringe and crushes so intellectual, it hurts your brain.

Arianna Huffington's crush?

"Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, whose 'Waiting for Superman' sparked a national conversation on America's troubled education system."

...You get the idea.

Then, there's the 'Share Your Darkest Tales of Valentine's Day reader-comment-driven piece.

My tale is just pretty un-romantic, although it started well.  Several years ago I got home from teaching a late class, found candy, flowers, a card and a note that read "I'm at the hospital".  Turns out my hubby of 10ish years was getting an emergency appendectomy. -- Patty S

...Aww, but a little funny, sorta.

It's always interesting to see how papers gear content towards a holiday or special event, So, kudos to the New York Times for choosing new angles, although if the Gray Lady were a man, we'd never date him.

So, for the cherry to sweeten this Valentine, let's go with this, the Times' redeeming Op-Art piece. Pick Your Cupid. Fun, right?

Happy Valentine's Day! Wishing you chocolates and candies and all of the cliche things that really never get old -- especially lots of champagne!

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