Aaron Hernandez to Be Arrested in Connection to Murder, According to Report

Steve Silva of Boston.com is reporting via his Twitter that former Florida Gator and current New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez will be arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Reports had originally said Hernandez was not a suspect in the 27-year-old man's death, but now things seem to be pointing to his somehow being a part of it.

Hernandez has also being accused of shooting a man's face in Riviera Beach after visiting Tootsie's strip club in Miami.

The man survived but is suing Hernandez. Still, being sued for Dick Cheney-ing a guy seems far less egregious now than actually murdering someone (allegedly).

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According to Fox 25, Hernandez and two other men were with the victim in a rental car on the night of the murder. The men left a bar that night, and Hernandez went back home with the other two men but without Lloyd.

Cops searched Hernandez's home, and a source told Fox 25 that forensic evidence placed a vehicle driven by him at the scene of the crime.

This morning, Hernandez was spotted by a news chopper leaving his home.

You can view the live stream here.

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