Abrams: Intellect May Be 'Commercially Viable'

It's another year -- and another rambling think piece from Tribune Chief Innovation Officer Lee Abrams. And he seems to have reached a turning point. Abrams says truth, integrity, and intelligence ... might actually be profitable. "Junk Culture or Junk Food media does sell, but I'm sensing a trend where intellect is commercially viable," Abrams writes. 

A newspaper with intellect? Is the world ready?

Abrams opines that massive change is coming and the "tired 1980s style of media" is dying. He hits his usual themes about having soul and being cool and anti-corporate, pointing to corporations like Apple and Southwest Airlines as examples to follow.

"The public matters...and they ain't buying 'corporate' anymore," Abrams writes. "The 80's...it was fashionable. Wall Street was cool. Now, main street is cool again."

Abrams also makes this observation: "Any study on the dissatisfaction with the status quo, pretty much point to a desire for change."

Ya think?

The piece in its entirety below and after the jump:



Thanks to William Childs at the Morning call for this timely quote:

"We open the book on a new year. Its pages are blank. We're going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is today."

--- Edith Pierce

I think we all feel massive change about to emerge. Personally, I believe we are AT the tipping point in terms of the tired 1980's style of media that is so prevalent is not only dying, but being aggressively rejected by the New Mainstream.

AUTHENTIC: I hear this word a lot, but often it's anything but. A marketing word usually aka a lie. You see it a lot in foods. "Authentic Italian" at a chain based in Ohio...you know the drill, telling people something is authentic, hoping they'll believe it. It's headed toward backfire. People just aren't buying the marketing lies. Talking authentic is all the rage at agencies and in marketing studies, but rarely is something that claims to be authentic, actually authentic.

Example of real authentic: Tom Skilling on WGN TV is the real deal. He may not be pretty, but the man knows weather and Chicagoland respects that.

SLICK: My biggest issue with a lot of TV is the slickness. Very well produced and focus grouped...but soul-less. Very 80's, when soul-less sold. I'm not saying amateur and unprofessional is a tactic...I am suggesting that the slick thing impresses

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