Accidental Death Case Changed to Homicide; Suspects Arrested

The death Saturday of a homeless man, Bradly Schmidt, was not accidental, as investigators first believed. Rather, the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office has reversed its original ruling, based on what it has learned from detectives, and is now calling the case a homicide:

From the Fort Lauderdale police news release:

Investigators learned that the victim, Bradly Schmidt, was involved in a verbal dispute with the two suspects over monetary matters. The dispute turned physical and the two suspects struck the victim several times in the head, back, and groin. As a result of these strikes, the victim fell to the ground, where he ultimately passed away from his injuries.

The fight occurred at 115 S. Andrews Ave., in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Robert Michael Gallant, 32, and Jimmy D. Graviett, 39, have been arrested in connection with Schmidt's death.

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The case may be complicated, however, by medical conditions that investigators acknowledge "contributed" to the 45-year-old Schmidt's death.

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