According to Mark Philippoussis, Being Mark Philippoussis Not What It Used to Be

Maybe that wasn't the housing bubble that burst in South Florida. The real supernova may have been Mark Philippoussis, the tennis star whose South Florida debauchery was an economic engine that finally ground to a halt in 2005, when he sold his Delray Beach mansion. The big Aussie who displayed a voracious appetite for fast women and faster cars has since relocated to South Australia. "Down Under" would be an apt description for his financial condition.

Australia's Sunday Herald Sun is reporting that Philippoussis (known as "The Scud" by his fans) still owes the IRS about $500,000 for tax debts on his slew of South Florida homes. He's square on the Delray Beach pad, which he sold for $3.3 million. But the debt comes from among the four other homes he kept in the state -- one of which was in Miami Beach.

Of course, when we last checked in with Philippoussis, he was a reality TV star with a much more enviable dilemma: whether to claim the heart of a conventionally hot 20-something kitten or to try taming a bona fide cougar. Age of Love was the name of that pop culture catastrophe. Scud walked into the sunset with this hottie but according to his Wikipedia page was most recently dating this one. It remains to be seen whether he'll prove as beguiling to women with his most recent pick-up line, "You have beautiful eyes -- can I borrow a half-million dollars?"

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