Gross, from an arrest in April.
Gross, from an arrest in April.

Accused Drug Trafficker Karl Gross Is Shot, Won't Press Charges

Last night around 10:45, 30-year-old Karl Gross was sitting on a porch on Ocean Drive in Boynton Beach when someone shot him. He was taken to the hospital, as people with bullets in them so frequently are, and it was discovered he had an outstanding warrant for drug trafficking.

"So," writes Boynton Beach PD spokeswoman Stephanie Slater, "he was taken into custody at Delray Medical Center. Upon release from the hospital, he will be booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. Gross would not cooperate with detectives investigating the shooting."

Gross also signed a document refusing to press charges against the mystery shooter, which apparently you can do. So he'll be going to jail, and the guy who shot him is still wandering around in Boynton Beach.

Slater said this morning that Gross will most likely be released from the hospital today, but details of the trafficking charges weren't immediately available because they're from an out-of-town agency. Records show Gross has been arrested multiple times in South Florida, though:

  • Lake Worth, April 2009 on "domestic battery by strangulation" charges
  • September 2009 on charges he led police on a high-speed chase
  • Christmas Eve 2009 on more domestic battery charges
  • February 2010 he was rebooked for the police chase charges
  • April 2012 on drug trafficking and fraud charges in Boynton Beach


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