Action! Hollywood Stymies Newsroom

After a few weeks of redecoration of the Sun-Sentinel newsroom to give it an 80s feel for the set of the movie Marley and Me, actual filming began today.

The venerable Alan Arkin is playing the role of Sentinel Executive Editor Earl Maucker. Owen Wilson, who is playing the role of former Sentinel columnist (and bestselling author of the book on which the flick is based) John Grogan, is doing a scene with Gray's Anatomy's Eric Dane. All in all there's about 100 crew and extras swarming the newsroom -- and the real reporters are finding it hard to get any work done at all.

"If big news breaks today, we're screwed," one newsroom staffer told me. "They are starting and stopping filming continuously. It’s just pissing me off. They are telling people to be quiet, asking everyone to keep it down. Security is everywhere. It’s not as disruptive as a hurricane, but pretty disruptive."

The source wonders why they couldn't have done the filming over the weekend to keep it from hindering the newspaper's work. But if it's frustrating today, just wait -- the filming is expected to go through the week.

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