Adam Hasner Goes Fishing

We already know that the Fox-fueled right-wing machine will beat the American public over the head with Rev. Wright for the next six months (assuming Obama wins the nomination). That ought to scare those hardworking white Americans who prefer Hillary good and plenty, huh? But what are they going to do to frighten weaker-handed Democratic Jewish voters into voting for the GOP?

Well, the Jew-baiting has begun in earnest. And our own Florida House Majority Leader, Adam Hasner, has sunk his worm as far down into the muck as anyone.

The Republican from Delray Beach is propogating an al-Jazeera video that he saw on a right-wing website showing a group of Palestinians living in Gaza supporting Obama. Here's the video:

Sure, it's just a few Palestinian guys who hope Obama can bring peace to their battered bloody region. But it plays into the mindless hate machine the GOP is counting on to win the White House.

Here's the basic political syllogism behind it:

1. All Palestinians hate Israel. 2. Palestinians support Obama. 3. Obama hates Israel.

It is, of course, nonsense, but it's the kind of divisive, insidious nonsense that helps propagandists keep people in a state of hatred and fear to help win elections. And often times the media gives it legitimacy. The Sun-Sentinel's political blog , for instance, played right into Hasner's hands. The headline on its post: "Republican raises questions over Obama that could concern the Jewish community."

What concern would that be? That the endless cycle of war in the Middle East might be broken? That someone might change George W. Bush's backward policies and lead to some progress in the region? Oy vey!

The good news is that this kind of thing only works on the most ignorant and susceptible minds, and those aren't words that come to mind when describing South Florida's Jewish community. More like "smart" and "informed." But the Hasners of the world aren't nearly finished, so prepare for the onslaught of propaganda -- and kindly send it back from whence it came.

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