Adam Hasner: Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner doesn't seem to know exactly what his political views are.

He's been campaigning on the thought that one of the other GOP candidates, George LeMieux, is too moderate compared to Hasner's brand of conservatism, and he even ran a campaign ad featuring LeMieux describing himself as a "Charlie Crist conservative."

Aside from then-Florida House Majority Leader Hasner voting for a state budget that added $2 billion in taxes in 2009 and helping pass greenhouse gas legislation, there's now even more evidence that Hasner branding himself as the ultraconservative candidate is a joke.

Here's a campaign mailer Hasner sent out in 2004, from the BizPac Review's Jack Furnari:


Furnari also dug up another mailer from Hasner, this one from 2006:

The mailer talks about increased school spending, farm-to-fuel subsidies, and various other state spending projects, a far cry from that "conservative" talk he's been spewing lately.

Even better, the backside of that mailer reads, "I am a Democrat. I have always voted Democrat. On Tuesday, I'm voting for Adam Hasner."

And let's not forget what Hasner adviser Rick Wilson told the St. Petersburg Times a couple of months ago: "This has never been a guy who ran as a moderate and certainly not a guy who governed as a moderate. His voting record is that of a limited-government conservative. This stuff is coming from George LeMieux, who waged a 10-year war against conservatives."

The GOP primary to see who gets to take on Sen. Bill Nelson next year has become a bit of a mess, with Senate President Mike Haridopolis dropping out and new concerns that Mike McCalister was attempting to embellish his military record.

As for Hasner, though, we'll see where his windsurfing adventures will take him next.

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