Adam Schefter Thinks Ryan Tannehill Might Not Be the Answer For Dolphins

ESPN NFL analyst Adam Schefter went on The Sid Rosenberg Show (640-AM) Monday morning and said that he's not all the sure rookie Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback the Dolphins have been looking for.

Schefter says that he was once enthusiastic about Tannehill, but now not so much. His reasons are that the Dolphins have been sucky as of late.

Much like we did earlier Monday, Schefter compared Tannehill to fellow rookies Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Unlike us, however, Adam places the lack of success squarely on Tannehill.

"I'm not as convinced [they have their QB] as I was six weeks ago," Schefter told Rosenberg. "Week after week Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson continue to make plays and continue to win games. You walk away from their games and say, 'Those guys are really good.' Have we done that with Ryan Tannehill?"

Schefter is more of a player injury status update and breaker of NFL rumors and news than he is an actual player analyst, so his evaluation shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Basically, Schefter gets paid to talk to NFL sources and then report that Rex Ryan is going to start Mark Sanchez. So chances are, you're a better evaluator of talent than he is.

Still, since he works for The ESPN, people will probably take notice of his comments more than most.

He's also a master of the obvious.

"I'm not saying Ryan Tannehill is not going to turn out to be a great quarterback," Schefter continued. "He may, but I don't know right now. I haven't walked away from a Miami Dolphins game in a good month, saying, 'That quarterback was really impressive.'

"Let's look at the larger body of work. The 49ers game, he was not overly impressive. The Patriots game, not overly impressive. Against the Bills, not impressive. Before that Tennessee. Terrible. He was OK against the Colts. They've lost five of their last six games."

Classic Adam Schefter: Master Of The Obvious.

Ryan Tannehill is a quarterback who throws the football. He might be good but maybe not. THAT'S ALL I WILL SAY. 

You can listen to the interview here.

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